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Case Study Hircus

"When it comes to doing the payment in foreign currencies myself, I need as much simplicity speed, and reliability as possible. And that's precisely what iBanFirst platform provides me with."

2023, what prospects for the foreign exchange market?

Check out our whitepaper for an overview of what to expect in the FX market in 2023. What are the major macroeconomic themes and events that are likely to have a significant impact on FX market volatility? What are our experts' forecasts for the major currency pairs?

The Eastern Europe (EE) Regional Business Summit

The Business Summit honours Eastern Europe, its entrepreneurs and especially those who after 30 years of challenging post-communist transition, dream big and grow across Europe and the globe to become tomorrow's multinationals.

Our client: Workinghouse UG

Real-time exchange rates and transparent fees help our client workingHouse UG to easily manage international transactions in multiple currencies.

Our client: Mecheltron NTS GmbH

In this interview, Managing Director Hubert Roth explains the challenges that our customer, Mecheltron, faces when importing goods from Asia, and how the iBanFirst platform supports the company.

Currency Reference Guide

With more than 25 currencies thoroughly analyzed by our experts, this guide is fundamental to understand currencies and better manage your upcoming transactions.

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