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Expand your business internationally.
Currency payments have never been this easy.

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Only the best for your international transactions


Send and receive payments anywhere in the world

Collect payments and pay your suppliers, partners and employees in your chosen currency. Regain control of transaction speed and related costs.


Protect your business against currency risk

Leverage our hedging products with a tailored FX risk management strategy. Neutralise your exposure to exchange rate fluctuations and improve your budget forecasting.

Payment tracker

Track every

Both you and your beneficiaries can track your international
payment statuses in real time, as you would a parcel.

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Why iBanFirst?

Avoid the hassle and risks associated with international payments.
Enjoy a universal payment platform and benefit from proven currency market expertise.


Unique experience

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Open multicurrency accounts and manage hedging contracts online. Notify partners when payments are made and download payment confirmations in a simple click.


Secure transactions

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Gain peace of mind with strong authentication, protecting your funds and accounts. Specify validation rules and payment thresholds for your users.


Personalised service

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Implement a winning hedging strategy with the support of our FX experts. Collaborate with a dedicated Account Manager for a seamless customer experience.


Transparent fees

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Gain real-time access to the foreign exchange market and benefit from total visibility over your transaction fees.


Easily integrated

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Extend the iBanFirst experience by integrating our solution with your existing payment processes and accounting software.


Trusted partner

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A regulated payment institution, iBanFirst holds AISP and PISP accreditation. We are a member of SWIFT and SEPA certified.

What our clients have to say

When it comes to multicurrency transfers, iBanFirst has spared me so much stress. Now I can see just how much my beneficiaries will receive ahead of time, as well as the fees charged for each transaction. I receive SWIFT transfer confirmations within 30 minutes and there’s always an account manager at hand, ready to answer my questions.


CFO at an investment fund

With our usual banking partners, it could take 3 to 5 days to make foreign currency payments, but now they are instantaneous, with no compromising on security, thanks to iBanFirst.


Managing Director of a midsize sportswear brand

The platform is simple, practical and user-friendly. I spend a lot of time overseas looking for new travel industry partners. Thanks to iBanFirst, I can track and manage my transactions at all times, wherever I am in the world.


Travel agency General Manager

We have opted for iBanFirst’s flexible forward contracts. These allow us to make monthly payments at a locked-in exchange rate, protecting against fluctuations for a three-month period. This way, we can secure our margins and maintain a healthy relationship with our supplier.


CFO of a start-up specialised in smartphone buyback and refurbishment

Thanks to its plug-and-play set-up, I was able to integrate iBanFirst with my existing ERP. I didn’t have to change my processes one bit, and now I benefit from payment tracking, transparent fees and speedy service.


Treasurer at a ready-made garments multinational

As an accountant, I work with several bank accounts, meaning things can quickly get complicated. With iBanFirst, I can make secure transfers and manage all these accounts from a single screen, which saves me precious time.


Accountant at a medical supplies company

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