Say goodbye to unfair bank charges and get a better exchange rate

Since 2013, iBanFirst has been tracking exchange rates and fees charged by banks on FX transactions.

Evaluate the savings you could make on your foreign currency transactions

Enter information related to your foreign currency payments or transfers (approximations are fine), and see how much you could save.

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Compared to your current bank, this is how much you will save with iBanFirst

On exchange commissions € XXXXX

On fees and other charges € XXXXX

Total savings € XXXXX

The exchange rates and fees applied depend on agreements between banks and their customers. The costs for an international transfer vary according to your contract, your branch, the amount and currencies traded, the country of destination. The comparison provided above should only be viewed as an example - your individual situation may vary.

Why iBanFirst?

Regain control over your international transactions and manage all your FX needs from a single user-friendly platform


Real-time FX rates

Gain real-time access to the foreign exchange market and benefit from transparent rates and fees


FX payments platform

Send and receive international payments using our secure platform and strengthen your relationships with suppliers.


Enhanced client experience

Benefit from unrivalled quality of service and a range of financial solutions accessible through our robust and intuitive platform.

iBanFirst, your trusted and secure partner for international finance

Founded in 2013, iBanFirst is headquartered in Brussels, has offices in Paris, Antwerp and Dijon and serves more than 4000 customers all over Europe. It is regulated by the National Bank of Belgium as a payment institution.

Funds segregation

In compliance with EU regulations, client funds are held in separate accounts, at leading Europen banks. Only clients can access their funds.

Account security

iBanFirst implements state-of-the-art encryption and security. Accounts are protected with single-use passwords (TOTP) and two-factor authentication.

Regulated PSP

Fully licensed and regulated as a payment institution under EU PSD2, iBanFirst holds AISP and PISP accreditations, is a member of SWIFT and SEPA homologated.

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